TÜV certification
TÜV certification ensures quality

Quality is the DNA of Gern Mirror, and we strive each day to improve and optimise our production.

We are experts in mounting hinges and fixtures on mirrors and mirrored doors, and our trademark is the long life and perfect finish of the mounted product.

As the first in the industry, here at Gern Mirror we have TÜV- certified the production of all our double-mirrored doors.

TÜV certification means that we satisfy the highest standards for materials and production methods, which guarantees the durability, safety and strength of our double-mirrored doors.
We conduct daily glue tests to ensure that the adhesions live up to the certification requirements.
Each glue control is marked, so there is traceability on every order.
If you have further requirements beyond the standard in the TÜV certification, the testing can be adapted to individual wishes.

Additionally, regular torque tests are conducted, as are inspections of hinges and glue adhesion that satisfy the requirements in EN 16122:2012, equivalent to 80,000 open/close movements. The test is performed on all orders to ensure that nothing leaves our facilities without quality control.

In other words, quality is never left to chance at Gern Mirror!


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