Installation, Packaging and Storage agreement

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Installing hinges and fittings

 Take advantage of the expertise that we have built up in mounting hinges and fittings on glass and mirrors, and for which we have been awarded TÜV certification as the first in the industry.

Our trademark is the high level of durability and the beautiful finish of the installation. – If you need an installation test that goes beyond the standard of the TÜV certification, the test can be adapted to your needs.


Packaging and labelling

 If the products are for resale, we will pack and label them using your labels and bar codes. 

We are flexible in finding the optimal solution for your particular product.


Storage and framework agreement


If you buy large quantities at a time, we will be able to offer you favourable prices with a framework agreement/storage agreement.

This ensures high delivery reliability and the possibility of very fast delivery.

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