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Cookies are small data files hidden in your browser on your computer, tablet, smartphone etc. when you visit a website. Cookies enable the website to recognise you, not as a user, but in your movements on the website.

Owner Information

Owner information:

Company name: Gern Glas A/S
Address: Industrivej 4, 8641 Sorring, Denmark
Phone: +45 86 95 75 44

Cookie policy:

What are cookies?

Cookies only register your movements on the site and can keep track of the sites you have recently visited and help you pick up where you left off. Cookies therefore also help us gain an insight into your visits and thus enable us to continuously enhance and optimise your experience of the website and improve our service.
Cookies are used to recognise your computer in connection with recurring visits, and they do not store any personal data (name, address etc.) about you.

What type of cookies do we use?

At we use four types of cookies, which collect various information on your movements on our site. You can read more about the four types of cookies here:

  • Technical cookies
    • A website cannot function as planned without technical cookies. Technical cookies ensure that you are not constantly thrown off the website you are visiting. They are also the type of cookies that allow you, for example, to contact us via our form or register for our newsletter without having to enter your name and phone number. 
  • Statistics cookies
    • Statistics cookies help us gain an insight into your use of the website, such as which pages you visit. These cookies are used to optimise our website with regard to design, user-friendliness and efficiency.
      Google Analytics is one of the statistics cookies we use to register the number of visits and clicks on our site so that we can give you the best possible user experience when you visit our website.  
  • Personalised cookies
    • These cookies are also called tracking cookies, as they follow your movements on the website. We use the information collected to show you relevant contents based on your movements. These cookies enable the website to direct targeted articles and content at you based on what you have just been looking at. 
  • Marketing cookies
    • Marketing cookies are similar to personalised cookies, as they also track your movements on the website. An example of how these cookies work could be that if you have been looking at a specific mirror option, you will probably start seeing banner advertisements with different mirror options.


How do you administer and delete cookies?

You can always reject cookies on your computer or mobile device by changing the settings in your internet browser. You must remember, however, that if you reject cookies, you will be unable to use a number of functions and services.

You can find a guide on how to delete your cookies in the different browsers and smartphones here:

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